A YouTube Channel : Climate & Global Change Lecture Series

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  TBD Concept:

  • It is vital that such a transition on global scale better happens consciously, by design rather than disaster. For people to join hands at large, they need to visualize the ‘Complete Picture’ of this existential crisis, its relevance to their immediate lives & a clear road map for action.

  • Any mass mobilization or shaping of Public Opinion requires a minimum threshold of change agents who have sufficiently grasped the complexity of the crisis & also the transition pathways.

  • In this endeavor CTC-TBD intends to be among India’s first digital platforms dedicated exclusively to help understand the fast changing world (more closely India) through the lens of Global & Climate Crisis (GCC) in order to bring the complexity of the Climate science to the common man in a palatable & actionable form through orientation series, domain expert lecture series, interviews and panel discussions.


  Who can participate?

  • Students, Academics and researchers

  • Ecological & Political Activists

  • Businesses, Entrepreneurs & Professionals (seeking to understand sector specific implications and career motivations)

  • Security and policy professionals

  • Designed for those who wish to understand the crisis in depth so as to empower them to take the message to others or become a leader or activist 


  Are there any specific qualifications as pre-requisite for participants?

  • No specific academic qualifications but students of environmental science will find it very easy compared to others

  • It is advisable for the participant to be at-least 16 years of age

  • Must be comfortable in English and Hindi


   Benefits of the course:

  • Subject matter clarity

  • Helpful in research

  • Certifications may help in career advancement


    Teaching Language:

  • English

  • Hindi


    Nature of the Program: 

  • Conceptual & action oriented

  • Short and crisp courses

  • Teaching style: Professional and friendly & Minimum use of jargons


  Program details:

  1. Free Orientation Series on Global & Climate Crisis (GCC )


  •  Basic GCC literacy: preparing the grounds for detailed discussions later on

  • 'Connecting the dots' & weaving the ‘Full Picture’ of the crisis and conceptualizing the contours of a Post Collapse human society 

  • 25-30 lectures of 10-12 min each


   2. Free Orientation Series on GCC impacts and trajectories in India

  • 15-20 videos of 10-12 min each impacting all sectors (broad overview)

  • What does 1.5 - 7 degrees scenario mean for India? (Food, Water, Soil, Forest, Coastal, SLR, Melting Ice, Migration-refugee crisis, Environmental Security, Economy etc.)

  • India’s ideal Global & Climate Crisis mitigation & adaptation (Transition) trajectory

  • India’s current trajectory & Gap analysis

  • Road ahead (Negotiations Policy, Domestic Policy, Politics, Governance etc.)


  3. (MOOC) Sector Specific Crash Courses (10-15 hrs.)

  • Free to participate but need to pay for certificate

  • Certification Courses related to impacts, trajectory, transition & Futuristic perspectives by experts on

        # Climate Science, Policy, Politics, Security, Business

        # Climate Change & Monsoon

        # Sea Level Rise (SLR) (Especially Coastal Cities like Mumbai, Chennai etc.)

        # Green Politics, Parties & Activism (Civil Disobedience Mass movements)

        # Green Economics (De-growth & SSE) prospects and road map

        # Green Business

        # Collapse, Synchronous failures & Collapse (World & India) 

        # Many more dimensions


    4. On demand videos on specific topics (Global or Indian)

    5. Expert Panel Discussions & Brainstorming sessions



  • Sudhir Shetty (Orientation Series – Global & India)

  • Domain experts conducting sector specific crash courses

  • Certificates will be issued by experts at the end of the program