To be a catalyst in steering the planet away from the twin catastrophe       of  Societal Collapse & Mass Extinction towards a people & planet friendly paradigm 


  • One way or the other, transition to lower level of societal complexity is inevitable, so instead of sleep walking into the disaster it is much more pragmatic to accept the reality and adapt through conscious design


  • Constructive ideas, public consensus & support must be handy when extra-ordinary circumstances make possible even impossible political choices, imperative


  • "No government can withstand a challenge of 3.5% of its population without either accommodating the movement or (in extreme cases) disintegrating."

---- Erica Chenoweth



  • Connect the research ‘dots’ (reconcile diverse, incoherent & grave scientific findings) in order to formulate a Global Crisis Response (GCR) framework through consensus

  • De-clutter the complexity around the nature, impacts & future trajectories of the current human predicament

  • Conceptualize a road-map in order to make meaningful interventions across all levels (citizen, family, community, state, world)

  • Create a one stop platform bringing together updated research work, its solutions, responses, policy interventions in a lucid form for the viewers and readers

  • Create  a platform to voice, brainstorm, build consensus around the contours of this global transition

  • Engage and mobilize people for effective action through reach-out, advocacy & networking initiatives