Sudhir Shetty (Founder & Director)


B.E.(E&C), MBA (Marketing), M.A.(Political Science), NET (Political Science)

Academic background:

  • Pursuing PhD  in Climate Change (International relations) from VPM-CIS

             (Affiliated to Mumbai University)

  • Teaching experience at the Masters level in the domain of Environment, Policy and Management in Mumbai University (2015-2019)

  • Academic & research  interest in the domains of

        # Climate Change Negotiations & Policy

        # Resource Use Efficiency (RUE)

        # Circular Economy

       #  Renewable Energy


  • Exposure to research related to inevitable collapse & possible mass extinction in the near-term (inspired by thinkers like Prof. Jem Bendell and many others) forced me halt my current pursuit in life and explore deeper, the veracity of these possibilities because nothing of this sort is discussed anywhere in the mainstream (atleast in India)

  • There is a serious tendency to deny the potential of threats for various reasons (especially in 30-50 years age group) understandable as they are steeped in their career paths & caught hard in the debt cycle

  • So by exploring on these existential questions deeper (next 1-2 years) I hope to come out more assertively once I am convinced sufficiently about the inevitability of this threat

  • I need to figure out a reasonable response or alternative paths to those people I break this ‘bad-news’ (which currently I find very difficult to address)

  • I need to be sure what is the most realistic path for humans as we all in it together



   Email id:    sudhirshetty13@gmail.com    

​   Linkdin:     https://www.linkedin.com/in/sudhir-shetty-13110315/   

​  Twitter:       https://twitter.com/Sudhirshetty19


    Tulika Singh (Intern- Delhi)

CTC Profile: Research Assistant (RA)


Researcher, Blogger, Web Content Development, Social Media Marketing,

Networking, and Collaboration, Team Support


Pursuing Master of Science in Development Communication and Extension from

Lady Irwin College, Delhi University (2019-2021)

Area of Interest:
Sustainable Development and Climate Change, Crisis Response and Management
Social Media and Networking, Extension and Programme Management, Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) for Development
Email Id: tulikas024@gmail.com
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/tulika-singh-ba2459174


Kaira Wallace  (Intern- California, USA)

CTC Profile: Research Assistant (RA)


Bachelor of Science (BS in Earth Science with an emphasis in Climate and Environment)

from the University of California, Santa Barbara 2016-2020


Researcher, Blogger, Web Content Development, Networking, Collaboration

Area of Interest:

Climate Change, Policy Making, Climate Change Mitigation and Adaptation

Email ID: kairawallace1@gmail.com

LinkedIn:  https://www.linkedin.com/in/kaira-wallace-206161ba/


Garvita Ayachit  (Volunteer-Indore)

CTC Profile: Team Support & Content writing


Bachelors in Mass Media (BMM), Journalism (2017-2020) 

  • 2 years of blogging experience

  • Interest in content writing and its marketing

  Email ID: garvi5699@gmail.com

  LinkedIn:  https://www.linkedin.com/in/garvita-ayachit-8721131a3

  Blog link: https://redrosewritess.blogspot.com/?m=1

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