WEBINAR-No.1: 19th (Sun)  July, 2020 (completed event)

We believe it is very essential to develop a basic vocabulary on Global Crisis (GC) in order to understand this complex problem and engage in a mature deliberation in future on a range of connected issues.With this objective in mind we are glad to invite you to participate in the Global Crisis (GC) Orientation Webinar to be conducted tentatively on 16th August. 


Part 1: Activity and discussion on the role of our consumption decisions and Global Crisis (GC)

Part 2: CTC Core objectives – Strategies and Introduction to the Global Cisis Response (GCR)-framework

Part 3: Opportunities at CTC

Participants will be provided with a certificate after successful participation in the webinar.

* We conduct this Global Crisis (GC) Orientation Webinars on a monthly basis. If you interested in participating in it kindly send your request to We will keep you posted on next webinar schedule.