"No government can withstand a challenge of 3.5% of its

population without either accommodating the movement

or (in extreme cases) disintegrating."

---- Erica Chenoweth

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Leading scientists of the world have come together twice in the last 28 years to warn about the dangers of humanity’s current path, the risks of transgressing critical Planetary Boundaries and the need to urgently acknowledge climate emergency that is jeopardizing the very survival of life as we know on planet Earth. The complexity of the modern human society rests on the narrow range of climate stability since last 11000 years which is now being dangerously altered by trajectory of our complexity ridden modern industrial civilization. Global Crisis (GC) thus has the potential to severely disrupt the edifice which sustains modernity and demands humanity to adapt and learn to do things differently very soon.

But focusing only on Climate Change alone will not avert the twin existential crisis of Societal Collapse & Sixth Mass Extinction overwhelmingly triggered by Ecological Breakdown & Resource Scarcity facing planet Earth & humanity. The complete picture & implications of this reality is poorly understood globally across social classes. Moreover the perspective on this issue is dominated by the developed nations & western cultures with a marginal input from the global south. The cumulative consequence of it is the neglect of carbon emission mitigation efforts in domestic policies and display of weak political will at international negotiation forums. It is time we acknowledge that nothing short of global systemic overhaul can give humanity and all other life forms another chance.

There are broadly two trends visible today as far as humanity‘s collective response to address existential threats like climate change and societal collapse


First trend (which is the mainstream today)is the business as usual (BAU) approach of chasing ‘sustainable development for all’ without any fundamental alterations to our contemporary (energy & material intensive) lifestyles & aspirations. There is complete faith in the ability of science (infinite potential of the strategy of 'Substitution & Efficiency'), more complexity & market economics to fix all obstacles and risks on its path. There is only marginal emphasis on the possibilities of failure and the need for a back-up plan (say adaptation) --- basically doing more of the same that brought us here.


A second trend (marginal) has been evolving slowly but steadily gaining ground over last couple of decades which takes a very grim view of human civilization, disparagingly describing it as the as the ‘virus of the planet’ (i.e. destroying the host for its own survival and proliferation). This is not a very inaccurate description and can be supported by recent research (‘The Great Acceleration’). In this view there is an in built assumption that humanity is incapable of structurally altering its path and this trajectory will end only in total destruction of all without any realistic scope for intervention (fait accompli).


Our approach at CTC is aligned somewhere between the two trends. On the one-end we acknowledge the potential of human species to achieve unfathomable feats with collective actions & coordination. So we support mitigation of carbon emissions through every available means. Great civilizations have collapsed in the past because they could not imagine their own collapse (especially when they were at the peak of their complexity & prosperity). Modern industrial global economy is no different when it puts blind faith in science to fix all its problems.


We align with the second trend in the sense that we acknowledge that humanity has wasted valuable years behind 'talks of mitigation' instead of real acts of mitigation without putting in place a reasonable adaptation plan. Our conversation begins with an acknowledgement that it might have been be too late for humanity (especially the global south) to mitigate the consequences of ecological breakdown and most of our energy and time must be devoted to the ‘psychological acceptance of the inevitable’ and brace for the impact with all our collective might and wisdom.


We endeavor to fully understand the gravity of the threats from resources scarcity & risk management perspective and build consensus amongst the principal change agents before reaching out to the unsuspecting & uninformed masses.


With this objective in mind Orb-Tranz CTC Network LLP (for Profit) was incorporated on 6th Aug 2020  to mobilize masses by raising the consciousness of the citizens towards this planetary scale crisis through the following stages:


Develop & validate (through research) a holistic guiding framework, recognizing the Global Crisis (GC)

and prioritizing interventions strategies


Network & synergize with change agents sharing similar goals and create a common platform for expression

of diverse perspectives


Build consensus around the contours of Global Crisis Response (GCR) framework to bring about radical transformation of the society

  STAGE 4   

          Advocacy & reach-out programs with actionable messaging


          Peaceful & Democratic mass mobilization aimed at systemic transition



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